Safer Skincare: Why I Swapped out My Toxic Products

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Environmental toxins and safer skincare weren’t always on my radar, unfortunately. 

I’ve been really careful about what I put into my body by selecting and eating healthy foods ever since my rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis and I am painfully aware of how the chemicals in processed foods impact my autoimmune disease activity, so it’s ridiculous I haven’t been more careful about what I put into my body through the skincare products I use. Had I known what was lurking in my favorite soaps, hair gels, and deliciously scented lotions and the harmful impacts they were having on my health, I would have.

Toxic Sunscreen led to Safer Skincare Choices for us.

A scary article about toxins in sunscreens and the reactions these toxins have with chlorine brought this issue into focus for me. I was horrified that the products I was using to prevent skin cancer were actually doing more harm than good! I had been hosing my daughter and myself down with sunscreen for years. I had so much guilt but thankfully I found a safe, effective line of sunscreens so I can breathe easily moving forward. 

I use this reef and human safe sunscreen and feel so much better about going out into the sun now. 



From this experience, I went on to read more and learned that the beauty industry is woefully under-regulated. Safe skin care isn’t a guarantee.


I had no clue. Zero. I figured that buying products labeled as natural would ensure that I was actually buying quality products, but this just isn’t the case: even some of the most well-known and trusted brands. It’s shocking. The following image says it all.


Take a minute to look up the products you’re using on Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database with their free app. Just use the camera ton your phone to scan barcodes and immediately check the safety of products! I can guarantee you’ll be surprised to learn what’s in items you use and how they can harm your health.


The daily products most of us use are filled with endocrine hormone disrupters, heavy metals like lead, chemicals with scientific links to cancer, and more terrifying toxins. It’s a crime, really.

Most breast cancers are environmentally linked rather than genetically connected and autoimmunity is on the rise. We all deserve better!

I want to better manage my symptoms and My biggest fear is that my daughter will someday be diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis or another autoimmune disease so I am a mission to lower the toxins in our home.


Now I am making a conscious effort to switch to less toxic cleaning products as well as in all of our personal and skin care products to keep my family safe and better manage my autoimmune symptoms.

Why Beautycounter? Beautycounter has been the best and easiest way for me to tackle the personal care non-toxic product transition.


I love their products, and I don’t have to do any research since they have done it already and are completely transparent with their results: I know all their products are safe. And it’s not crazy expensive when compared to other products in the safer skincare realm or department store brands. Also, my daughter, who is fussy about fragrances, loves the shampoo, body wash, and body lotion: win. She was sold, but. . .

I worried safer skincare would equal less effective Skincare, but thankfully that is not the case.

Fine lines, deep wrinkles, super dry, dull  skin,  redness, brown spots, these are just a few of my skin issues, so as much as I wanted to be rid of chemicals,  I was afraid truly all natural safer skincare just wouldn’t cut it but with these products, my skin has actually improved! It turns out the products I was using were making my redness worse.

Simply using the products for our personal benefit felt selfish. I felt the need to share this information and these products with everyone I know!  We should all be using safe products, right?

I haven’t found anything I don’t like and actually became a consultant to support Beautycounter in their efforts to change industry standards (and to earn a 25% discount on my safer skin care products so that I could hoard my lotions, serums, and oils without guilt- Ha!).




Ready to start swapping out your toxic products for safer skincare?

If switching to safer skincare all at once seems daunting, start small.  Look-up your most toxic products on EWG’s Skin Deep Database, then prioritize swapping out as your products run out or based on what’s the worst rated and most toxic product you use. 

Start Here:

Click here to peruse the products (you will be shopping on my personal website) and get ready to fall in love.



I use the Rejuvenating Line





I also use all of the Best of Beautycounter Products




Ready to Detox the rest of your Beauty routine?

Looking for more ways to swap out even more personal care products, like toothpaste? Read my post, Five Easy Ways to Detox your Beauty Routine, here.


Need Help with product selection? I am ready to help.

Here’s to safer beauty for all!



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