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Whether you are new to Paleo or are just looking for new recipes, you this recipe for Paleo Instant Pot Kalua Pig in your life.

I am serious.

This is a killer recipe. It is so simple, yet yields the most succulent pork imaginable. Paleo Instant Pot Kalua Pig popped up on my Paleo meal plan one day and has been in our regular rotation ever since. It is Paleo, Keto, Whole30, and AIP compliant.

You only need a handful of ingredients (two of which are pork and bacon), and because you are making it in the instant pot, it takes care of itself, so how can you go wrong?

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You will end up with a delicious pile of porky goodness so versatile that you will use it in soups, frittatas, and more. Heck, I sneak it cold paleo instant pot kalua pigright out of the fridge!

Sometimes I toss my Instant Pot Kalua Pig on top of a pile of mashed cauliflower, but I also love it in bib lettuce, taco style. It’s delicious topped with my speedy smooth guacamole.

*If you don’t have an instant pot yet (you will if I have anything to do with it) you can easily make this in the slow cooker (she includes directions for both methods).

I made this in the crockpot initially, but when Michelle from Nom Nom Paleo posted the instant pot instructions I switched over immediately (of course). I love my instant pot. The more I use it, the more I love it, too.  you will probably get sick of hearing about it.

Click here for the recipe (I do not use the garlic she recommends).

Why am I only providing a link and not the entire recipe?

  1. Too often I see the same recipes (the exact same, mind you) with a variation on the name, or maybe a different picture- with each author publishing it as their own. Authors should receive credit for their work.
  2. I like to offer reviews of existing recipes for those like me who pin with reckless abandon, yet fear actually making what they have pinned. That fear of the unknown is debilitating.  I want to offer up recipes that I know are good, whether I create them or not.

Tha being said, I know this one is good. Very good. Do yourself a favor and buy Michelle’s book, get her app, sign up for Real Plans so you can add on her recipe package, and make this recipe as soon as possible. You will thank me, I promise.

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