Beauty Business Aids: Must Have Products for Direct Sales

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To have a thriving beauty business it is a must to share products and get them into people’s hands. This involves offering samples and sharing products at socials or in one on one situations where people can see, touch, smell, and try the products before buying them.

I send out a ton of samples to potential clients, send samples of new products to existing clients, and host events where I display products, offer raffles, hostess gifts, and sometimes small gifts with purchase. I created a list of all the products I use regularly to share with my team but realized so many others could benefit from a list like this so I put together this post for you!

It is so handy having all of the beauty business aids I use together in one place.


beauty business aids

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business beauty aids

This beauty business aids collection is made up of everything from sample containers to shipping supplies, to display ideas for socials.

I am a senior manager with Beautycounter, so I have quite a bit of navy and white and teal represented here. There are other color options available for the products I have referenced.

All photos are clickable links that will take you directly to the items.


Beauty Business Aids for makeup and skincare product samples

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Beauty Business Aids for creating quick and easy, cute gifts with purchase, raffles, and hostess gifts

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Beauty Business Aids for Socials: makeup and skincare display ideas

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Beauty Business Aids for product storage and transport

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Beauty Business Aids for Social Media: Photo and Video


Beauty Business Aids for The Girl Boss Home Office

I hope you will find something helpful here, as it is a diverse collection of Beauty Business Aids.

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