Autoimmune Fatigue: Five Natural Ways to Fall Asleep Faster Tonight

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Are you plagued by autoimmune fatigue and in desperate need of more ZZZs? Fall asleep faster tonight with my top five natural methods.

One of the most frustrating symptoms of RA for me is the bone-crushing daytime autoimmune fatigue followed up by restless evenings. It’s a cruel combination. I often want to crawl under my desk at work for a little nap, but when bedtime rolls around I am wide-awake! The worst. This is a common issue with autoimmunity.

Thankfully, I have found a few tricks that help me combat this most nights and enable me to fall asleep faster.

Ease autoimmune fatigue by falling asleep faster with my top five tips:

1- Step away from technology! 

Power off your computer, phone, and iPad an hour before hitting the hay (I know- this is tough! I love checking out Pinterest and Facebook before I go to bed, too. It’s just one of the best ways to help yourself drift off more quickly. Or try these glasses to block the sleep-disrupting effects of blue light. They aren’t the sexiest fashion accessory but you really should try them if you tend to work, scroll, or pin up until bedtime, I bet you will notice a difference immediately.

2Relax with Magnesium.

Try magnesium oil. In addition to its relaxing properties, the oil also has pain-relieving benefits, so I rub some on the bottom of my feet and into my shoulders and lower back each night for extra relaxation. Magnesium oil also helps relieve my restless legs- BONUS! There are drinkable versions as well that also work well.

3- Have a five-minute spa experience every night!

Yes, seriously. I mean it.

All you need is a little coconut and lavender essential oil.

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4 – Set the tone for sleep with essential oils. 

Keep the spa experience going by diffusing oils in your bedroom. I diffuse lavender in our rooms each night for extra relaxation. Make sure your room is dark. I even face my alarm clock away from me. When I am experiencing hand and or foot pain I liberally apply Pain Ease Oil. 

5–  Cool Down.

60 to 68 degrees is the best sleeping temp for most. Air-conditioners and fans can help during warm weather, and you can also check out chilling pillows with cooling gel inserts like this one, and or sheet-cooling devices like these to make sleep more comfortable (especially if you are prone to hot flashes).  I have not tried the sheet cooling system, but I included it because the reviews are intriguing and I plan on trying it out eventually!

Give these 5 tips a try and make sleep a priority. Aim for 7-9 hours per night (even more if you are struggling with active disease activity).

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I hope you will sleep easily soon. Let me know how it goes!

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