Amazon Prime Makes Following Keto, Whole30, and Paleo Diets a Breeze

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Sometimes it is difficult to find specialty ingredients in local stores (or when you do they are overpriced), which is one of the many reasons I love Amazon. I can find everything I need and have it on my doorstep in a day or two without paying for shipping!

AMAZON PRIME Makes living well and eating well so much easier. 


I’m a proud Prime member because I love a good deal, I’ve come to hate shopping in stores because I often cannot find what I am looking for, and I love free fast shipping. It is so easy to order what I need from Amazon because of Prime as so many items qualify for Prime’s free two-day shipping.

I discovered Prime a few years ago when we were living in a very small town in rural Upstate New York. I found great deals on items I couldn’t get in stores near us for the holidays. And then I wondered, could I order specialty foods this way? We did not have access to health food stores and lived in a kind of food desert, so I was a member of a CoOp. I could get some of what I needed, but not all.

This was when I realized Amazon Prime was going to be a game changer for me!

Once I realized that the Amazon Prime program gives me free two-day shipping and offers access to the items I did not have easy access to in my hometown, I realized this was the answer. I could shop online, faster and easier, and it would show up on my doorstep two days later. I now order everything from appliances to spices on Amazon.

And because of the Prime free two-day shipping, I can order one item at a time without worrying about combining orders together to get the best deals on shipping.

This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission but it won’t cost you a penny more)! You can read my disclosure here.

How do you join Amazon Prime? It’s so easy.

Honestly, you just sign up for it at this link. Amazon makes it pretty easy. But keep in mind Prime is not free. Thankfully, they let you try it free to see if it will make sense for you like it did for me.

Yes, that’s right — they have a FREE ONE MONTH TRIAL! Use this link

Tip: Anyone with a valid .edu email address can sign up for a 6-month free trial for Amazon Prime Student here.

You can also save 40% on a one year plan. Learn more by clicking here.

I first got the trial, figuring I’d leave afterward. But when I realized how much money I was going to save on shipping, I kept it. Then I realized all the other amazing things I was getting and I was sold for years to come.


amazon prime for ketp and Paleo

Here are the best Amazon Prime deals for healthy living:

Amazon Fresh FREE TRIAL for grocery delivery. Click here

Get $30.00 off your first order here

Amazon Prime Pantry. Click here

Deep Discounts on Kitchen Items click here

MORE FUN Items on Amazon Prime

Most wished for items!

Gold Box; Editor’s Picks Click here

Gift Cards

Amazon Wardrobe- try before you buy! perfect for indecisive shoppers like me.

My Amazon Prime Collections: These make shopping even easier for you!

Shop my Amazon Prime Storefront here

Amazon Prime Keto Collection

Amazon Prime Paleo Collection

Amazon Prime Instant Pot Collection

Amazon Prime Whole30 Collection

There are many more, so feel free to check them all out!

Be sure to check out my Amazon gift guides as well, which also make shopping easier.

I hope you have a great time shopping on Amazon Prime and that this will help simplify your shopping and help you find a great deal or two in the process!

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